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Some background - I have an antique heirloom engagement ring that was passed on to me. I treasure this ring for its intricate gold work supporting the diamond and on the shoulder, and this was the ring my husband proposed with. We had a short engagement of 3 months, and we needed to have a jeweler that could accommodate our short time frame, appraise my ring/re-size it, and help us with our wedding bands.

We had the ring appraised and I was already very apprehensive of anyone doing any work to it, but after David and Joe Ann properly dated the ring and were insistent that we do minimal alteration to the ring to maintain its character. I was sold - we went to other jewelers who tried to get us to change the diamond, or maybe alter the ring. Each time, they failed to see the horror in my eyes that I was being told to alter a late 1800s handmade antique ring.

They helped me fix the shank of the ring, which needed to be replaced after years of re-sizes. As well as helped us create a custom wedding band that was engraved with the same intricate pattern on my engagement ring and curved to sit perfectly together. This was vital as there was no matching wedding band (the double ring phenomenon started in the 1940s and thus, my ring was part of the solo generation). To this day, that band engraving job is why I love Adams Jewelry - its perfectly aligned with the patterns on my engagement ring, and many people assume they came as a set.

Beyond that, the customer service was great - they helped my husband with his bands and were always so informative when we had questions.

If you're looking for someone who is a goldsmith (David), can appraise, sells antique jewelry, and is honest, I'd suggest Adams Jewelry. I've seen another post that mentioned not understanding the person behind the curtain - understand this is a small family business, if David isn't in the front, he's likely in the back working on someones jewelry.

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